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Dr Chindepalli is focused in manufacturing and export of business chemical compounds for an expansion of industrial necessities. With roots that pass lower back to as long as 8 years, it has grown into a incredibly matured and experienced corporation.

Our wonderful increase charge over time re-affirms our religion that a committed and efficient service to trade and enterprise will important make an growth in our purchaser base who look up to us as a chemical supply. Our customer base and annual sales are developing at a fast pace.

We constantly search for excellence in first-class, uncompromising reliability and dependability maintaining in thoughts efficient, effective customer support and their delight as prime situation.

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Our Vision

To become trusted partner globally for pharmaceutical companies in advancing their discovery and development effort to deliver medicines that protects and improves conditions.

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Our Mission

To provide innovative value-added and cost effective synthetic medicinal and process chemistry services & supply quality products that help speed up drug discovery and development programs.

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